Feature Roadmap

The features below will be released through updates to the Pencil Planner Pro available in the App Store. Yearly and Monthly subscribers to Pencil Planner Pro will get access to all these features automatically.

We have a long list of features we are working hard to get out to you as quickly as possible! The roadmap below is current as of October 2020

See our Versions page for details on recent releases

Timeframe Feature
iCal / Calendar integration
iPhone Support
Reliable data & sync
Show main event across day, week and month views
Week view as a combination of day schedules
Create a calendar event
Alternate week view (notes) New!
Year grid view New!
Calendar events on month view New!
0-4 Months Notes pages
  Stamps / Stickers
  Habit Tracker
  Text on planner pages
  Some Handwriting to text integration
4-6 Months Themes
  Print / Share pages
  Ongoing Tasks improvements
  Today / Home Widget
  Share your planner with other users
  Month view calendar events option
  Mac App
  Reminders Support
6+ Months Customize Layout
  Meeting / Event notes
  Multiple planners
  Redesigned Toolbar
  Search Handwriting
  Web access

We value your input. If you have additional features or suggestions for any of the above features, please reach out at support@pencilplanner.app