Data and Syncing

Pencil Planner Pro stores data securely on the Pencil Planner Cloud. Your data is backed up and synced automatically every time you have internet connection.

Backing up data

Your data is backed up reliably, securly and automatically to the Pencil Planner Cloud.

In order to ensure you have access to all your planner entries in the future, make sure to create an account. This can be done from the app settings menu if you haven’t already.

Syncing to a second device

Log in with the same account on both devices in order to sync. All entries are synced automatically when you are online. There may be a slight delay after logging into your account on the second device before your entries appear, but they should arive within a couple minutes.

Checking to see whether the data is fully synced and backed up

We are working on a sync status feature to be displayed in settings. For now, if you have two devices you can verify the latest changes are on both devices. Otherwise, rest assured the data is synced as soon as there is internet connection available.

Does the app offer backup with iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive?

The app doesn’t currently offer any form of data backup from these services. However, you can be confident that your data is backed up to the cloud securely and accessible on any device.

Why is the Pencil Planner Cloud the only sync option?

We have plans to add features that will allow users to share planners and data with other users. We also have plans to provide a Mac App and potentially web access in the future. These features required a reliable and universal approach to data storage.

For more information on what we are planning to build in the future, please see our Roadmap

You are also welcome to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

How do I delete my account and remove all my data?

Please reach out at to request your account to be deleted.