Do you offer a lifetime subscription?

We do not offer a lifetime subscription. The subscription options are monthly and yearly. You are also free to use a limited version of the app for free if you don’t desire to pay, but to unlock all the features of the app we require a subscription.

Here are some reasons why we don’t offer a lifetime subscription:

  1. With Pencil Planner Pro we securely store your unlimited entries on our servers. This will prevent data loss and can give you peace of mind that your entries are always backed up. However, entries can get large and there is a cost to maintain all that data. A subscription helps cover that cost.
  2. We have a very long list of features on our Roadmap for Pencil Planner Pro. But, we are a small development team. A subscription allows us to continue improving Pencil Planner Pro, releasing the features on the roadmap into the Pro app. If you haven’t already, visit our Roadmap and see what’s coming soon to Pencil Planner Pro!