Upgrading to Pro

We appreciate those who supported us from the beginning, especially anyone who has previously purchased the first version of Pencil Planner. As a result, we will give anyone who has purchased the first version of our app a benefit in excess of the value of the original purchase. Thanks for all your support:

All users who have purchased Pencil Planner 1 (Pencil Planner & Draw Calendar) are entitled to $10 USD off the first year of Pencil Planner Pro (Pencil Planner & Calendar Pro) to offset the cost of the original app.

Be sure to go download Pencil Planner Pro from the App Store today!

What is the difference between Pencil Planner 1 (Original) and the Pro apps?

See here for an in depth explanation.

How do I get this discount?

Please email us at support@pencilplanner.app with your User ID (found in the bottom of the settings of the original app you can use the blue copy button), and let us know you are looking for a promo code to upgrade to Pencil Planner Pro.

Why a second app (Pencil Planner Pro) instead of adding those features to the first app (Pencil Planner 1)?

As we tried to design the ideal planner, we quickly found that the features we wanted in Pro were impossible with the templates from v1. So, we totally redesigned it from the ground up! This allowed us to provide several amazing features we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, including:

  1. A week view with the schedule for each day
  2. Calendar integration across day, week, month
  3. A main event cell displayed on each day which also shows on the week and month
  4. Much better support for iPhone and split screen
  5. A much more reliable storage mechanism
  6. User accounts which will make it possible to share calendars between users in the future (see our Roadmap)

Why is Pencil Planner Pro a subscription instead of a one time charge?

There are multiple reasons, including:

  1. With Pencil Planner Pro we securely store your unlimited entries on our servers. This will prevent data loss and can give you peace of mind that your entries are always backed up. However, entries can get large and there is a cost to maintain all that data. A subscription helps cover that cost.
  2. We have a very long list of features on our Roadmap for Pencil Planner Pro. But, we are a small development team. A subscription allows us to continue improving Pencil Planner Pro, releasing the features on the roadmap into the Pro app. If you haven’t already, visit our Roadmap and see what’s coming soon to Pencil Planner Pro!

What is the cost of the new app?

Pencil Planner Pro is priced at $4.99 USD / month or $24.99 USD / year. As an existing user of Pencil Planner, your $10 USD off the first year promo code will reduce the cost of the first year down to $14.99 USD. The subscription will renew a year later at the regular price of $24.99 USD unless cancelled.

What username and password should I use?

Pencil Planner Pro uses an entirely separate account and sync mechanism from Pencil Planner v1. As a result, the data from Pencil Planner v1 will not be available in Pencil Planner Pro (see the next question below)

If you upgraded from Pencil Planner v1, you should create a new account using the sign up button on Pencil Planner Pro

Will my entries from Pencil Planner 1 be available on Pencil Planner Pro?

Unfortunately because of the thorough redesign, entries from version 1 will not be available on the pro version. It was both technically too difficult and also would have prevented us from providing you the best experience we could. However, we hope you will find with the pro version you won’t need to write as much because entries display data between day, week, and month views. This was a decision we didn’t make lightly, and we assure you going forward this wont happen again.

I just bought Pencil Planner v1 because I didn’t realize Pencil Planner Pro existed. Do I have to pay twice?

Great question. Pencil Planner Pro has more features and more support going forward, so we agree it’s worth getting Pro. This is what we recommend in order to avoid paying full price for both apps:

Use the promo code described above available to all owners of Pencil Planner v1 to get $10 off the first year of Pencil Planner 2. This provides savings equal to the cost of the original app.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out at support@pencilplanner.app